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Terry Cassis -




Soon to be Published Author

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About Me

Once upon a time I dreamed of writing for Scientific American, but I got distracted and became an engineer and a leader of scientists and engineers instead.

A few years ago, I began to dream of touching the world in a different way. So, I started to write, telling meaningful stories filled with laughter, adventure and interesting people who rarely think like I do. People who have to face things that no one wants to face.

I wrote stories that touched my heart, made me cry, and helped me see the world in a better way. 

I hope my stories do the same for you.

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Short Stories 

The Child

A World Anvil prize winning article about the title and responsibilities of an influential person  - in this case, a heartless tyrant, with particular aims...


We all chafe at limits, but what do we do with the limitless?

Lowest Bidder

When preparing for an eternity of avoiding hell, it's a good idea not to go with the lowest bidder...

Out of Darkness

Adenshur Kenghym isn't a hero, he's a druid dark elf on the run. Fleeing to the land of his enemies, he finds himself caught up in a mission to avert an eldritch invasion caused by a tear in the protective weave between planes. All Aden wants to do is stay alive and try to make sense of the alien world and seemingly crazy people around him.

Good luck with that.

Adopted by the Knife Brigade, Aden must learn to navigate a world in which he is hated, people try to be happy, and males have value. Hardest of all, he is caught in a constant battle against that most dangerous and seductive of demons - stupid hope.

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The World of Arrhynsia

Check out my World Anvil Site

Who are the members of the Knife Brigade? Where is the weave? Want to know more about the All Father?  Who is Diracusta?  What was the Uprising?  Find all this and more by visiting the world of Arrhynsia in World Anvil!

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