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Novels In Process

Devil's Deal

In Editing

All is not well when Adenshur Kenghym and the Knife Brigade return to Uftlon. The weave between planes is breaking down and no one knows how to repair the holes - well, maybe not no one... The minions of hell have an approach - but is it available for a cost that Aden is willing to pay?

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The Glass Phial

In Editing

When the Knife Brigade encounters a homeless waif in the burned-out village of Gorn Ladur, Bughuula insists that they take the starving boy with them. But Gideon's youthful innocence hides explosive power that rips a massive hole in the weave. Can they hold off the eldritch long enough to patch it and secure the city's safety?

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River of Death

In Draft

The breakdown of the weave is accelerating, and the Knife Brigade is in a desperate race to find answers that will fix it and halt the widespread incursions of eldritch. Does the bard Roland have the answers they seek, or will they lie in the crucible memories from Sam's people the Arcadians?  When all their guides point to the human Library of Pythos, Bughuula must seek out her nemesis Valekryn who holds the keys to their entry and make peace with her deadly past.

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One Day

In Development

The Knife Brigade finally has the tools, the power, the knowledge and the allies they need to heal the weave. The world's heros and even the gods themselves are poised to act. But one of the rifts that must be closed is deep within the Dark Caverns, in the heart of Cormaeum itself, and Adenshur Kenghym is the only guide the surface dwellers have to find it. To save the world Aden must return to his bloody past and face his deepest fears.

Even more though, Aden is no longer the powerless victim of a political coup,  and those who killed his clan have long overdue accounts... 

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